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Month: April 2017

Refresh & Renew Your Makeup Habits

It’s always challenging to know when it’s time to update your makeup products and change your application techniques. It seems that overnight products that have worked for years, no longer seem to get the job done. As we age our coloring changes and our skin texture loses elasticity. Here are some of my tried and true methods.   “Less is more” doesn’t mean no makeup at all. Moisturize morning and night- some of the simplest products do the best job. I love Cetaphil...

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Closet Tough Love

Spring cleaning your closet can be stressful, exciting, overwhelming and relieving- all at once. Take a deep breath and make the plunge. Your Cleaning Tools:  Before you start, invest in some tools to help you organize. Buy some neutral colored hangers in non slip velvet- like Huggable Hangers,  black plastic garbage bags, shoe bags and accessory bags. Thin matching hangers are good because they will give you more space to hang clothes, the clothes are protected from stretching out and the consistency...

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