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Month: July 2017

Pantone Colors for Fall- What’s right for you?

  The fall colors are here and it is fun to imagine which color will flatter you and which color will be “not so much”.  A quick (unofficial) guide follows: Grenadine is a bright red and can definitely worn by most gals with warm skin tones. If you have a pink based complexion, this color might make you look florid. Tawny Port is a deep burgundy and looks good on those with pink complexions, dark and gray hair, and some blonds. If you are very pale or sallow complected it can...

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Ask Cinderella- Good Shoes Take You To Good Places

It’s always a  puzzle- you are at the shoe store and wonder, “will one of these shoes become my all time favorite or will I get stuck with a pair that pinches and is seldom worn? ” How to know? Do you try for trendy/stylish only to end up with a pair that looks exactly like all of the other shoes you own? It’s true, a perfect pair will compliment your clothing, be so comfortable they can be worn all day and will last for several seasons. Unfortunately, I have learned about...

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