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Month: October 2017


What are the enviable qualities that make French women so stylish? They are able to look stylish, comfortable and effortless all at once. Although the French gals are in a satorical league of their own, it’s fun to analyze and explore what makes them look great. The French have a joie de vivre they carry in all  parts of their everyday life. It’s apparent in the beautiful detail you find in the cafés, the art, and the architecture and in clothing. It’s the details that matter. Confidence:...

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On of the things I know for sure is that you always feel better about yourself when you help others. NPR has held a clothing drive for the last 9 years and we are thrilled to have another one this November. Go through your closet,  edit the things that you don’t wear and bring them to NPR and we will donate them to The Assistance League of Denver. ♥The Assistance League of Denver has been serving the greater Denver community for 58 years. Last year 273 members devoted over 35,000 hours and...

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