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Month: July 2018


  We had a wonderful time in Scotland: the food (really), the friendliness and the natural beauty was superb. What was a little lacking was the fashion. It has been so much fun these past few months snapping pictures of women in different locations. Paris was all about elegance, New York was on-the go, Dallas was carefully done and Scotland was more about comfort. It was warm and is often the case in a climate where warm days (or for that matter cold days) are few, the gals wear whatever...

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We are off to Scotland and my goal was a travel wardrobe that could fit in a carry-on, flexible for events and weather and looked good. I started out first with a good raincoat and some good “walkers” and built from there.   This is the backbone: blue and black jeans, cotton sweatshirt, white blouse & white tee, cross body bag, black layering shirt, stretch leggings, green cotton top and olive vest. I have added some pearls to make the black and white look a little more dressy. Scarves...

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There I was again- snapping pictures of ladies at The Dallas Apparel Mart this June. I was curious. Was I going to see women who were overdone with too much hair and makeup (like the popular stereotype)? Or was I going to see gals that were zapped by the heat and had given up? I saw a few of the “unfashionables”, but for the most part, the women had put energy into their look, clothing and accessories and looked very appropriate. Dallas women do have a knack for dressing. I was surprised by how...

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