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Month: June 2019


It’s easy to let summer pass in a blur and not have many memories to cherish come fall. I remember my mom commenting that once the 4th of July passed it seemed that the summer was over. Not so fast! This year I am listing my intentions and making time to enjoy this wonderful season and create some lasting memories. I’ve got my list ready: some easy, some will take a little more planning. Roll down the window on my morning drive to the store. (I wonder if it will be as fun as it was...

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It’s challenging to find summer clothing that covers, flatters and isn’t too warm. Some trends are appealing, but many fashion forward designs can be too extreme and appear like, “you are trying too hard.” We all know that our bodies change, our coloring evolves and the styles that once flattered can now look awkward or inappropriate. Too tight, too loose or too short are recipes for fashion faux pas. It’s time to readjust our vision and find the designs that are...

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