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Month: August 2019


I always like to keep my travel kit packed in between trips, but a few days before a trip, I pull everything out and take inventory. I use a clear plastic TSA approved 1 quart organizer. You can check or put it in your carry-on. The Basics Shampoo and Conditioner: I decant my favorites into 1.25 silicone travel bottles. Also, if your hair will cooperate a dry shampoo can be great. Hair Spray, Mousse & hair paste: Again I use travel size. Facial Moisturizer:  Go with a moisturizer that you...

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I think fall is the best time in the whole year to travel. The weather is usually good, crowds are thinner and the crisp air invigorates. I am doing some traveling this season and want to make sure that I have packed carefully and smart. Too little (seldom the case), too much (more likely) or wrong choices (sometimes) can really affect the enjoyment of your travel- very lagom (Swedish for just enough). I’m not packing for the worst-case scenario. I’m packing for the best-case scenario...

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The fashion in Manhattan this month did not disappoint. There was variety, a little drama, a bit of daring and a look for everyone. Dresses were popular with all lengths. Same with skirts- many knife pleated designs. Sleeveless ruled. Air Pods were the favorite accessory Jumpsuits have definitely come back into fashion. Animal print and floral designs were everywhere. Flats, tennis shoes and sandals were the go-to footwear. Maxi-dresses were present (but looked awkward). Manhattan is too dirty...

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