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Month: September 2019


**FIVE TO KEEP Animal prints- this is a world-wide phenomenon. Go for it! Pops of bright colors in clothing or accessories. Both red and gold look great and fresh Wider or straight legged jeans or pants: full length or ankle. A new fitted jacket: leather, tweed, faux fur or wool often embellished with zippers or metal hardware. Faux fur Fitted jacket Tweed Fitted Waist-length Long sweater coat **FIVE TO LEAVE BEHIND Argyle sweaters Shredded jeans Large floral prints ...

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I am writing this as I sit on the plane coming home from Fashion Week in NYC and I’m thinking about what I saw: all the wonderful accessories and clothes I found for NPR, but also something else. I can’t help but compare the gals in New York to the gals I saw in Copenhagen two weeks ago. For the most part the Europeans exhibit more style and self awareness than the New Yorkers and Americans in general and I wonder why. It is a puzzle. What do you think? Where we come up short most...

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The Swedes and the Danes definitely are stylish- the Norwegians are challenged by lots of rain. Everywhere the gals are wearing all forms of tennis shoes, slim puffers, stripes, wider pants, plaid, lots of gold and orange, argyle sweaters, every shade of green, camouflage and animal prints everywhere. Take a peek and see what you think. Sweden Norway Copenhagen

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This was quite a new experience for me: traveling with a carry-on suitcase and a backpack. It was challenging to consolidate two weeks worth of clothing, but it was all worth it considering the train, ferry and airplane travel. Also, a few of the hotels didn’t have elevators, so up I trudged with my bag. I did get a little weary of some of my choices, but all and all I was pleased. My one tip is that whenever you are moving (plane or train), dress like an immigrant with as much on you as...

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