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Month: December 2019


  Taking care of your skin is a challenge in winter. Freezing temperatures and drying heat can wreck havoc on all skin types. I have found some tried and true products that are all available at the grocery store, drug store or on Amazon. Refresh your routine for winter with some of these tips. Protect your skin from the elements with gloves and a scarf. Don’t forget sunscreen. Winter sun can be just as damaging as the summer sun. Ramp up your intake of fluids and drink lots of water....

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Winter Travel Wardrobe Update

I had never traveled to Europe before in the late fall. The temperatures hovered around the ‘4os and made for chilly days. Also, there was quite a bit of rain. It was a different experience because I never was without my coat and I found that I was much more relaxed about what went under it. Here’s what worked: This Patagonia coat with two layers worked really well although I wore the puffer by itself more. Turtlenecks were essential. Down vest worked under the coat, but not...

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I love my glasses! It has taken me a few decades to be able to say that because when I started to wear glasses (16), eyewear was considered un-stylish and unattractive. Times have changed and now frames can be found in all sorts of colors and shapes. I even look for different frames when I travel. In fact, I think that finding a great pair of flattering glasses is one of the best ways to update your look and energize your appearance. Outdated frames age you and distract from your presentation....

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