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Jeans for everyone

So much chatter about jean styles. Which one is the best? Are skinnies dead? What if you are petite and don’t want to wear a wide legged pant? Is there a style for everyone? Of course.

Regardless of the leg style, the jean needs to fit. I’m a big fan of the high-waisted styles because they flatter and slim a “softer” waist. The crouch need to be “just right”- not too long or short and the leg width should be in proportion to your height and weight. Also, the jean should fit your rump- not bag out or cup your bum. The wash is important as well. Lighter shades tend to look more casual and darker more dressy.

  • Skinny legged jeans have been the gold standard for at least the ten years. They look great on most gals and can be worn with boots, tennis shoes, pumps and flats. A key styling tip is to combine skinnies with a long cardigan or top and make sure they fit snugly, but not too tight. And yes, they are still in style.

  • Straight-leg-  This “straight from the knees down” style is classic, can be worn by most and is more forgiving than skinny jeans for those who have curvy hips and fuller calves. A shorter length looks good when paired with boots or tennis shoes.

  • Bootcut legs-  This cut is versatile and works for most- depending on how wide the flare. The flare balances a curvy figure and helps enhance a straighter shape.

  • Wide leg or flares-  Best on long legged gals and great camouflage for ladies with heavy thighs and a small waist. Also a fun look for anyone who didn’t live through the 70s. This style looks best with shorter tops.

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