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A Guide to Spring’s Most Popular Trends

springIt is always a relief for me when March arrives because the month signals a change in both weather and clothing. I know it is time to start thinking about the spring clothes I need/want to add. The new styles and colors, though exciting and fresh, can sometimes be daunting and difficult to appreciate. It is a challenge to know which new trends will look good and become favorites and which will end up in the infamous “black trash bag”. No one wants to look tired, age inappropriate or foolish.

  • The combination of black & white is present in every line. This combination is great on people with strong eyebrows, dark complexions, bright blonde hair, or those with high contrast in their facial coloring, i.e. dark hair & light skin. Gals without strong contrast can look overwhelmed in a black and white combination and will be better off wearing black plus creme, beige or gold. If you still want to incorporate this trend, use it for accessories. A splash can be effective.
  • Ruffles, lace and sheer fabrics can add interest and femininity when combined with classic clothing. Everyone should avoid froufrou ruffles and women with bold angular features should avoid dainty looks. Lace and ruffles look best when used sparingly.
  • Stripes are one of the season’s freshest looks and can be worn in some fashion by everyone. Vertical, diagonal & horizontal stripes are flattering when paired with a solid top, pant or jacket. Everyone has to pay attention to the scale and proportion of the stripe as it relates to your body size. Accessories in stripes will instantly update a blah outfit- a little stripe goes a long way!
  • 60’s Influence can be seen in wide-legged pants, A-line tops and dresses, optical prints, tunics, crochet, maxi dresses & bell sleeves. Most of these designs and shapes look better on taller women and those who didn’t live through this decade. A dash of the “mod” style can be whimsical and fun, but too much can look contrived & “costumey”.
  • Flat Shoes & Stilettos: Wow, what a choice- either one in moderation.
  • Most everyone can wear a splash of bright color (orange, yellow, neon green, emerald, etc.) Combine with neutral shades for best results. Shades of emerald and turquoise can be worn by everyone.

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