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I am writing this as I sit on the plane coming home from Fashion Week in NYC and I’m thinking about what I saw: all the wonderful accessories and clothes I found for NPR, but also something else. I can’t help but compare the gals in New York to the gals I saw in Copenhagen two weeks ago. For the most part the Europeans exhibit more style and self awareness than the New Yorkers and Americans in general and I wonder why. It is a puzzle. What do you think?
Where we come up short most often is that we often dress purely for comfort, our footwear doesn’t always match the occasion and our heavy dependence on leggings and yoga pants.
  • Comfort can look good. Avoid sloppy and shapeless. Your clothes should fit and look appropriate for the occasion. It’s all about the fit- no baggy or stretched out pants or sweaters
  • Footwear can be fun and stylish. Flats in solids or animal prints, ankle boots, walkable heels and of course the athletic shoe- never before could you have so much fun with sneakers. Flip flops belong at the beach.
  • Exchange your yoga pants for either a loose leg jean or pull on wider legged pant. You can really up your style game with this change. Slim ankle pants and skinny jeans pants are still in style, but it’s fun to switch gears.
  • Look for sleek, classic silhouettes with subtle details.
  • Abide by the maxim that less is more.
  • All black in different textures can look pulled together.
  • Wear stripes in shirts and tees. There aren’t many floral designs seen on the streets.
  • Minimal looking makeup is the gold standard in Europe. Often the gals stateside try too hard and end up with too much product and color.
  • Neutral accessories work or add a  pop of color. This adds to a great presentation.
  • Europeans carry better quality hand bags and satchels. Their bags aren’t over-stuffed or messy.
  • Distinctive eyeglasses are embraced and are fun.
  • Well cut and fitted outerwear- outerwear is just as important as the outfit.
  • Not too much bare skin
  • Pearls, scarves, pins on coats, statement necklaces always finish an outfit.
  • Most important: Europeans don’t have as many clothes as we do, but fewer and better selected. Basics are reworn and changed up with footwear and accessories. There isn’t a need for a new outfit a day.

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