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Age of Aquarius

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal that posed the question, “Is 60’s fashion still relevant in today’s clothing and do the styles from that iconic decade look new again today?” At first I couldn’t see the mod look repeated in NPR’s fall clothing. (Remember, I have personal knowledge of that decade.) But the more I looked around the store, the more I saw-plaids, peasant blouses, miniskirts, wrap dresses, Gucci-like and block prints, double breasted jackets and leather/pleather finishes on everything- all details from the 60’s. Even the fashionable combination of long chains and medallions is another 60’s style throwback. It really is a hoot!

What is most interesting, though, is that these styles have evolved into tailored and classic looks. The designs conjure more elegance now and not the Woodstock grubby or psychedelic strange. How did this happen? My thought is that the 60’s fashion represented many things including freedom, individuality and styles much different from what our mothers wore. These iconic looks still speak to us because there was something truly magical about the 60’s. The wackiness was symbolic of our quest for change and self-determination. There is an agelessness quality to the clothing- I hope the same can be said about us.

What are your favorite fashion looks from the 60’s? Do you think you can still wear the styles? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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