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Author: Ann Fulton


It is exciting when the Pantone Institute announces the colors for the season. Wouldn’t it be fun to figure out the how’s and why’s of their selection? There should be something for everyone. Plus, it is so fun to see why the different lines that have come in are in these colors. Enjoy! Mykonos Blue Illuminating Leprechaun Fuchsia Fedora Pale Rosette Adobe Fire Whirl Rhodonite   Root Beer Coconut Cream Ultimate Gray Soybean Olive Branch      

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Although, I look forward to seeing each season’s new trends and looks, it seems that the designers often try to outdo themselves by designing some very strange and awkward looks. It really is theater- beautiful and eye-catching, but not very wearable by most gals. In the mix tough, there are some very wearable and fun trends. This season, channels throwbacks from different decades: think tailored clothes, chunky sweaters and real shoes  It will be fun and easy to update your wardrobe with...

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We have all been there- standing in front of your closet with no idea of what to wear. There are plenty of clothes to choose from, but nothing feels right. It’s a dreadful way to start a morning or go to an event. Also, it is a big time waster. I have pondered this situation pretty much my whole life. My desire to help my clients and shoppers have a fun, stylish and easy wardrobe has always been my number one work goal.  There are some “wardrobe secrets” and tricks of the trade...

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Recently, I was in Boston and it was toasty!. It was fun to observe how the ladies adjusted to the heat with their clothing.The styles were simple, mostly casual, but colorful. Shoes were a mix of sandals, tennis shoes and boots. Here are my favorites.  Different Tops Dresses White Shirts White Pants Boots Teens Ladies Who Lunch Ladies Who Work  

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The easiest way to update your summer clothes is to style them a little differently. When you change up how you wear something, you change up how people see it- old becomes new. Add a pop of color- jewelry, handbag, jacket- you name it. French Tuck Everything. The French Tuck – AKA the half tuck is a super easy way to sharpen any look and update longer tops. Update Your Sandals Find some great colors and interesting shapes. Cute footwear always elevates your look. Re-think Belts Belts...

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I’ve got the mid-summer wardrobe blahs. The temperatures are toasty and I think that my go-to outfit of jeans and a t-shirt lacks fashion pizazz. I head to my closet and it’s crowded with good intentions. What to do? The obvious answer is to edit and sort, but I also find the chore of cleaning my closet somewhat overwhelming. I’ll admit that it is hard to get rid of “perfectly good” clothes. The problem is that these “perfectly good clothes” aren’t...

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There is much joy to be had in dressing, well,  joyfully. After a year in isolation wearing sweats, it seems natural to add some color and some whimsical designs to your wardrobe. It’s actually called “Dopamine Dressing”. Dopamine dressing has long been the subject of psychological research. To understand the concept, says Maria Costantino, a lecturer in cultural and historical studies at the London College of Fashion, “dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that releases...

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Putting effort into your appearance and style pays off in many ways, but especially in an improved attitude. I think we get “style stuck” because we set unrealistic goals and get derailed when they aren’t met. Style is more about showing up for yourself than others. Sometimes it’s hard to start.

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