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Author: Ann Fulton

Ask Cinderella- Good Shoes Take You To Good Places

It’s always a  puzzle- you are at the shoe store and wonder, “will one of these shoes become my all time favorite or will I get stuck with a pair that pinches and is seldom worn? ” How to know? Do you try for trendy/stylish only to end up with a pair that looks exactly like all of the other shoes you own? It’s true, a perfect pair will compliment your clothing, be so comfortable they can be worn all day and will last for several seasons. Unfortunately, I have learned about...

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January is a perfect time to think about editing and weeding out clothing and stuff that doesn’t work, feels old, out-dated. and useless. This doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, just a quick re-organize and edit. Invest an hour and reap the benefits of an organized and freshened closet. Start small. A shelf or a drawer is a perfect place to start. Remove everything. Organize by themes or categories. Evaluate. Purge like you mean it. Touch everything. Ask, has it been worn or used, do...

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I love people watching and the folks in Rome did not disappoint. I had so much fun observing the trends, colors and styles. It was a holiday week and it appeared that most of Rome was out for a stroll dressed to the nines. The Italian women definitely love their style. Here are my favorite pictures of the trends I observed. To see the entire picture, click on the thumbnail. Monochromatic dressing in a light color. Beautiful coats and hats. Tights, stockings and interesting shoes. Leather/pleather...

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This trip was a long time coming and we really didn’t know if was going to happen until the day before. Covid tests, endless forms, health concerns and jittery nerves made leaving a little daunting. But once we got on the plane, we relaxed and realized how much we have missed travel. This is one of the few trips that my husband and I have taken without any snafus or mix-ups. Truly, it was a celebration. My packing was a little erratic because of the uncertainty, but overall worked out well....

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I always like to think about changing up my winter wardrobe once the calendar flips to January. Fall colors don’t seem right and we haven’t had much of a winter so I am bored with my existing combinations. Sometimes just changing up how we combine our clothes will give our wardrobe new life. Refresh your look by layering like a pro: my favorite layering piece is an A’nue Ligne sleeveless tank. It provides warmth, adds no bulk and finishes even a simple outfit combination. Focus...

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Everyone has figure “spots”- parts of our body that we just don’t enjoy. What’s worse these “spots” change as we age and often become more troublesome. There’s not a lot we can do about our physiology, but you can learn style hacks to camouflage these troublesome body parts. A word of caution, camouflaging one part in isolation of your whole body can backfire. An example being, I have a short neck, but worry about about my double chin. Turtlenecks have...

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Makeup colors and applications should be updated every two years. It’s easy to fall into a makeup rut and use the same products for decades. Change is challenging. It takes time and a little bravery to acclimate to a new look. Go forward, though- the change will be energizing and you will feel better. Six Makeup Mistakes  Lips:  Avoid lining your lips with dark liner and then filling in with light lipstick or gloss (definitely an eighties style). Better to line your lips in a color close...

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