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It’s fun when a trend comes along that works in favor for women over 40. Non-traditional short and pants length are one of the season’s biggest trends. Some looks are very zany, but some will be great this summer. The key to enjoying this trend is to understand what width and length is right for your leg and body.

 Your Height

  • Height can also add to the variable of how to best shorts for your body shape.
  • Petites should be careful of how much fabric the shorts have. Too much fullness will overwhelm.I f you’re petite or your legs are proportionally short for the rest of your body aim for shorter lengths
  • Tall gals will want to find longer lengths to balance their frame.
  • The length of the short should flatter your leg. If they’re too long, hem them. Too short? Choose another pair.


  • Legs are probably the top reason most women won’t wear shorts. Being self conscious about cellulite, veins, scars, sun spots  or other issues are valid but there are solutions.
  • Longer short styles can hide imperfections that may make you self-conscious.


  • The length of the short should hit your leg at its most flattering spot. The hem of the short draws the eye to your leg.
  • Bermuda shorts are the most versatile and can be worn by most.

  • Fuller legged shorts can work on gals with bigger thighs.

  • Although, the short full leg shorts are tough to wear if you are over 30- best to avoid.

  • The new longer length short is great on gals who don’t love their knees.

  • The longer fuller short is almost like a skirt and flatters most.

  • The longer short looks best with flats or sneakers

  • This works with sneakers or sandals.


  • This looks like a skirt and is appropriate for other activities other than sports

  • The person in the  above picture looks awkward. The black jacket cuts her in two also, her legs are too slim for the wider leg.
  • An easy proportion rule of thumb is to balance shorter shorts with a longer top and longer shorts with a shorter (or tucked in) top.
  • Flat fronts can often be more slimming than gathered or pleated fronts. The flat front is  great for camouflaging your belly.
  • Avoid wearing hose and shorts.
  • Use a self-tanner or leg makeup to cover your imperfections.
  • When in doubt about length, go with a mid-thigh or just-above-the-knee length.
  • And if you aren’t convinced to try a new length, try a capri (especially if your calves are slim).














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