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We are off to Scotland and my goal was a travel wardrobe that could fit in a carry-on, flexible for events and weather and looked good. I started out first with a good raincoat and some good “walkers” and built from there.

Scotland Black, denim & green pants


This is the backbone: blue and black jeans, cotton sweatshirt, white blouse & white tee, cross body bag, black layering shirt, stretch leggings, green cotton top and olive vest. I have added some pearls to make the black and white look a little more dressy.

Scotland jackets

Scarves and a printed shirt plus a black vest and a cream hoodie.

Scotland green jacket

Cotton jacket and hiking/city pants with a sleeveless top. I try to always have on three layers for comfort.

Scotland Travel clothes

More combinations

Scotland vests

Vests are the best for travel- easy to layer and helps make a simple tee look finished.


Scotland lightweight pants

Everything goes with everything else.

Scotland Shoes

Rubber shoes (for rain), hiker/walkers and black “nice”. There are a lot of cobblestones and I wanted sturdy and cute shoes.

Scotland clothes

All together.

Scotland vacuum

Zipped down to nothing. I love vacuum bags because they are a good organizer too. When you pack them in a dry climate (like ours), the clothes don’t wrinkle. They will be plenty squished on the return.

Guidbye Bye Bye for noo See ye efter.










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