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Ask Cinderella- Good Shoes Take You To Good Places

It’s always a  puzzle- you are at the shoe store and wonder, “will one of these shoes become my all time favorite or will I get stuck with a pair that pinches and is seldom worn? ” How to know? Do you try for trendy/stylish only to end up with a pair that looks exactly like all of the other shoes you own? It’s true, a perfect pair will compliment your clothing, be so comfortable they can be worn all day and will last for several seasons. Unfortunately, I have learned about...

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January is a perfect time to think about editing and weeding out clothing and stuff that doesn’t work, feels old, out-dated. and useless. This doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, just a quick re-organize and edit. Invest an hour and reap the benefits of an organized and freshened closet. Start small. A shelf or a drawer is a perfect place to start. Remove everything. Organize by themes or categories. Evaluate. Purge like you mean it. Touch everything. Ask, has it been worn or used, do...

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I love people watching and the folks in Rome did not disappoint. I had so much fun observing the trends, colors and styles. It was a holiday week and it appeared that most of Rome was out for a stroll dressed to the nines. The Italian women definitely love their style. Here are my favorite pictures of the trends I observed. To see the entire picture, click on the thumbnail. Monochromatic dressing in a light color. Beautiful coats and hats. Tights, stockings and interesting shoes. Leather/pleather...

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I always like to think about changing up my winter wardrobe once the calendar flips to January. Fall colors don’t seem right and we haven’t had much of a winter so I am bored with my existing combinations. Sometimes just changing up how we combine our clothes will give our wardrobe new life. Refresh your look by layering like a pro: my favorite layering piece is an A’nue Ligne sleeveless tank. It provides warmth, adds no bulk and finishes even a simple outfit combination. Focus...

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Can clothes make you happy? Recently I read this article and I found it very interesting. “Your style and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health, and overall confidence. Scientists call this phenomenon “enclothed cognition”, and Adam Hajo and Adam D. Galinsky, both professors at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, write in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, write that enclothed cognition “involves the co-occurrence...

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Sometimes it’s really hard to get ready in the morning– nothing feels right- and it’s especially challenging when you have a lot of choices. Being a good editor helps this process, but what could really help is to create your own personal style uniform. Fundamentally, it is a formula for getting dressed every day. Says Australian blogger Amy Zanatta, “You can wear the exact same items each and every day or you can wear different items in the same category and just use...

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It is exciting when the Pantone Institute announces the colors for the season. Wouldn’t it be fun to figure out the how’s and why’s of their selection? There should be something for everyone. Plus, it is so fun to see why the different lines that have come in are in these colors. Enjoy! Mykonos Blue Illuminating Leprechaun Fuchsia Fedora Pale Rosette Adobe Fire Whirl Rhodonite   Root Beer Coconut Cream Ultimate Gray Soybean Olive Branch      

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Although, I look forward to seeing each season’s new trends and looks, it seems that the designers often try to outdo themselves by designing some very strange and awkward looks. It really is theater- beautiful and eye-catching, but not very wearable by most gals. In the mix tough, there are some very wearable and fun trends. This season, channels throwbacks from different decades: think tailored clothes, chunky sweaters and real shoes  It will be fun and easy to update your wardrobe with...

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We have all been there- standing in front of your closet with no idea of what to wear. There are plenty of clothes to choose from, but nothing feels right. It’s a dreadful way to start a morning or go to an event. Also, it is a big time waster. I have pondered this situation pretty much my whole life. My desire to help my clients and shoppers have a fun, stylish and easy wardrobe has always been my number one work goal.  There are some “wardrobe secrets” and tricks of the trade...

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