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Makeup colors and applications should be updated every two years. It’s easy to fall into a makeup rut and use the same products for decades. Change is challenging. It takes time and a little bravery to acclimate to a new look. Go forward, though- the change will be energizing and you will feel better. Six Makeup Mistakes  Lips:  Avoid lining your lips with dark liner and then filling in with light lipstick or gloss (definitely an eighties style). Better to line your lips in a color close...

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Last week I read an article by Elizabeth Bernstein in The Wall Street Journal suggesting that to combat stress, negative emotions and exhaustion one needs to create a mental-fitness regime. Covid melancholy is real and there are ways we can feel better. Here is the advice excerpted from the article. Make sleep nonnegotiable. Most adults need 7 – 8 hours of quality sleep. Set a consistent wake-up time, create a relaxing wind-down routine, turn down the thermostat, disconnect technology...

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With no access to salons for the last six weeks, many of you are taking the plunge and letting your hair go gray (or at least try). There are tons of resources available on how to go gray, but then what? What happens to your wardrobe? Can you still wear the same colors, accessories and makeup? What needs change? Let’s check it out. When you change your hair color, it’s like changing the matting around a picture. All of the colors in the picture look different. The same is for your...

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Feel Free To Brows

Eyebrows are tricky. At times in our life we have way too many, and at other times way too few. There have always been eyebrow products available, but often the results are unnatural and scary. Tatooing works for some, but again I have seen some ghastly results. So, my best advice is to get some good products in the right color and practice. Brush your brows up with a brow spoolie to see where you need to fill in or shape If unsure about your arch, get your eyebrows shaped by a professional-...

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With lack of access to hair salons, many of us are watching our gray hair emerge during the Coronavirus epidemic. This is a decision that we will all have to make sooner or later: do you let your hair gray naturally or do you hold steadfast to the bottle Clairol? This might be the perfect time to let your hair return to its natural color. How do you decide? I checked in with some experts and this is a compilation of their answers. 1. Face your fears. Going gray is big decision, and many,...

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