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We have all been there- standing in front of your closet with no idea of what to wear. There are plenty of clothes to choose from, but nothing feels right. It’s a dreadful way to start a morning or go to an event. Also, it is a big time waster. I have pondered this situation pretty much my whole life. My desire to help my clients and shoppers have a fun, stylish and easy wardrobe has always been my number one work goal.  There are some “wardrobe secrets” and tricks of the trade...

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I’ve got the mid-summer wardrobe blahs. The temperatures are toasty and I think that my go-to outfit of jeans and a t-shirt lacks fashion pizazz. I head to my closet and it’s crowded with good intentions. What to do? The obvious answer is to edit and sort, but I also find the chore of cleaning my closet somewhat overwhelming. I’ll admit that it is hard to get rid of “perfectly good” clothes. The problem is that these “perfectly good clothes” aren’t...

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Following these four steps will make switching out your winter clothing for your spring duds easy. Give yourself some time, get organized and be dazzled by your success. Purge like you mean it. The first step to freshening your closet is to purge. Take the time to go through all of your winter clothing and accessories to determine if you keep, donate or toss. Try on things you didn’t wear. As you discard, make a list of the things you’ll need for next season. Store your winter possessions...

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We often procrastinate about cleaning our closets because of the fear that we will miss something once it is gone. The truth is that if you allow clutter to collect, you won’t even remember what you even have. So, it’s time to get started, honor your instincts and move forward. Here are some strategies to get you going.   Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a must read if you find yourself surrounded by clutter and mess or if you just want some tips...

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I admit, my post Christmas closet is a bit of a mess and I want to start the year off by creating a clutter-free closet. Everything in there needs a little tweaking, but my shelves need a major overhaul. I have stacked bric a brac, unused handbags, unopened pantyhose (really, I haven’t worn pantyhose since the eighties), hats etc. All of this stuff is dusty and unattractive. Plus, studies have shown the more organized someone’s home is, the more optimistic and clear-minded they’ll feel. ...

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