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Fashion Fixes You Should Know

No one tries to court fashion disaster, but sometimes these disasters find us. Not to worry- anything can be solved if you’re prepared. Create a mini fashion tool kit. Have on hand- twist ties; disposable razor; rubbing alcohol; baby shampoo, oil & powder; wire hanger; double sticky tape; baby wipes; vinegar; paper clips; vaseline. . . Reattach a loose button with the metal wire from a twist tie. Peel away the paper, insert the wire through the button and the fabric and twist to...

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Does This Object Spark Joy?

Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a must read if you find yourself surrounded by clutter and mess or if you just want some tips on organization. The book has achieved a cult like following with people wanting to simplify their lives. Although some of her decluttering techniques are a little over the top for me, I love her phrases and complete enthusiasm toward her subject matter. Some of the highlights: She advises to focus on what to keep, not what...

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A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE… Don’t stress Always keep a sewing kit on hand with the basic colors of thread: black, white, navy, brown and cream. Take a minute and sew on a loose button or repair a tiny rip. Keep a stash of double-sided tape and safety pins. Hang wrinkled clothing in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will relax the wrinkles and freshen the clothes. Keep a soaking bucket in your wash area. Pre-treat a stained garment with stain remover or soak item before washing. A...

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Time Vampires: are you being robbed?

TIME VAMPIRES Are you being robbed? Make your closet look better and more organized by removing extra hangers, dry cleaning bags and clutter off the floor. Commit to re-hanging your clothes correctly; right side out, facing in the same direction and organized with like to like clothing. Have appropriate storage bins or containers. If you can’t see it, it will be hard to find. One of the most creative uses for scarf storage came from my friend Toni. She placed her scarves in a hanging,...

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How To Wash Your Wool & Cashmere Sweaters

Washing cashmere and wool sweaters extends their wear and keeps them looking newer than when they are dry cleaned. Even when a care label says “dry clean only,” you can hand wash your sweaters if the primary fiber is wool or cashmere.  Fill a basin or sink with cool water and add 1 Tbsp. of a mild detergent that’s free of bleach, such as Woolite Extra Delicates Care. Pretreat stains with (my personal favorite) Shout Advanced Stain Lifting Foam.  Place the sweater in the water and swish it...

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Pack Like a Pro…

 Packing for a trip is challenging. You don’t want to take too much or leave something behind that is essential. I love to travel and thought it would be fun to share some of my packing tips. Check the destination weather first and pack accordingly. Plan your wardrobe around your shoes. I like hybrid shoes that are multipurpose; sandals/dress shoes, walking/hiking. Don’t take more than three pairs. Leave your white tennis shoes at home. A pair of flip flops can double as shower...

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Stop Wardrobe Madness!

Before you start, assemble some neutral colored hangers in non slip velvet- like Huggable Hangers and black plastic garbage bags. The thin matching hangers are good because they will give you more space to hang clothes, the clothes are protected from stretching out and the consistency of hangers gives your closet eye appeal. The plastic bags are for things to toss and for things to donate. Return/recycle the metal hangers to your dry cleaners.

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