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This trip was a long time coming and we really didn’t know if was going to happen until the day before. Covid tests, endless forms, health concerns and jittery nerves made leaving a little daunting. But once we got on the plane, we relaxed and realized how much we have missed travel. This is one of the few trips that my husband and I have taken without any snafus or mix-ups. Truly, it was a celebration. My packing was a little erratic because of the uncertainty, but overall worked out well....

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So many things went by the wayside during the last eighteen months, I’m wondering if I lost my ability to pack during the pandemic? I am getting ready to travel this month and am finding that my packing skills are a little rusty. I’m spending waaay too much time staring at my closet wondering what will work. Definitely time to reboot, go back to basics and remember what worked and what didn’t. To do that, I know I will be trying on lots of clothes- editing as I go. Creating a stylish, compact,...

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Recently, I was in Boston and it was toasty!. It was fun to observe how the ladies adjusted to the heat with their clothing.The styles were simple, mostly casual, but colorful. Shoes were a mix of sandals, tennis shoes and boots. Here are my favorites.  Different Tops Dresses White Shirts White Pants Boots Teens Ladies Who Lunch Ladies Who Work  

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One of my passions  is travel and planning for a trip to …really anywhere. I am thinking about my next trip and am wanting to be prepared. Over time I’ve learned to pack more successfully resisting the urge of  taking lots of bulky “just in case” pieces that are never worn. Start your travel wardrobe by shopping in your own closet and pull out the pieces that are tried and true and proven winners. A rule of mine is to never take anything that hasn’t been worn. Wearing...

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Winter Travel Wardrobe Update

I had never traveled to Europe before in the late fall. The temperatures hovered around the ‘4os and made for chilly days. Also, there was quite a bit of rain. It was a different experience because I never was without my coat and I found that I was much more relaxed about what went under it. Here’s what worked: This Patagonia coat with two layers worked really well although I wore the puffer by itself more. Turtlenecks were essential. Down vest worked under the coat, but not...

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There was a definitely a more rustic look the clothing this fall: more rugged jackets, plaid scarves, deluxe hiking boots (that will never see a hike), fur collars and of coarse an abundance of gold. Yellow/gold sweaters, jeans, shoes & scarves are everywhere.   Big woolen scarves Ankle boots more than tall boots and the boots have a lot of hardware Fur collars were abundant Legs were either bare or in tights. Ankle pants and quite a bit of vinyl/plether leggings. Some...

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It was a chilly mid-November in Paris and just as expected, Parisian’s do their outerwear with panache and style. There was lots of black and gray, but also quite a few colors. Puffers were abundant, but wool and fur fabrics showed up as well and ALWAYS there was a scarf at the neck. Stocking caps with pom-poms, berets, caps and fedoras kept their heads warm. It is always such a treat for me to be able to check out Paris street style. (Click on the picture to expand it.) One thing that I...

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Packing for travel in the late fall and winter months can be challenging. You have to be ready for chilly temperatures, rain- maybe even snow and perhaps unseasonably warm temperatures. Well-chosen layers, good shoes and a great waterproof coat are essential. I love to travel off season- fewer tourists, shorter lines, reduced prices and a more relaxed atmosphere. For this trip I am taking a pair of waterproof boots, tennis shoes and a pair wedge sneakers that can work for day or evening. This...

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  Whenever I am packing for a trip, my first thought is to what shoes will I bring?. What is going to be comfortable, stylish and versatile enough to be worn with all of my clothes? Shoes come first, then the clothes. Start with the shoe color: Neutrals and metallics are the most versatile. Black, brown or pewter/bronze are the most versatile. These colors will go with nearly any color palette you select for your clothes. ‘Comfort’ shoes do not have to look like your grandma’s...

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I am writing this as I sit on the plane coming home from Fashion Week in NYC and I’m thinking about what I saw: all the wonderful accessories and clothes I found for NPR, but also something else. I can’t help but compare the gals in New York to the gals I saw in Copenhagen two weeks ago. For the most part the Europeans exhibit more style and self awareness than the New Yorkers and Americans in general and I wonder why. It is a puzzle. What do you think? Where we come up short most...

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