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We all have been there. You stand in your closet and look at the familiar jeans and sweaters and just sigh. How can anything be more stale? What can be done to perk up and re-ignite your winter outfits? We all know that we feel better if we think we look put together. The amazing thing is that the ingredients to rev up your wardrobe are (most likely) already in your closet. Look deep, fire up your creativity and get to work.

  • Wear an unexpected pop of color in a scarf or necklace (maybe something from your summer wardrobe).
  • Roll up the cuffs on your jeans and show off a pair of funky shoes or boots- a full roll or just a single cuff works.
  • Add some purple to your outfit. It’s the “it” color of the season and looks fresh and energetic.
  • This is crazy- but drape your sweater or jacket over your shoulders (rather than wear it). This simple and free style tip instantly transforms your look.
  • Change out your hand bag from your winter black or brown to camel or taupe. This color choice was very popular in Paris last fall.
  • Tuck a corner of your shirt into your pants for an updated and fresh look.
  • If your blousey tops feel too full, tie a knot off center on the underside (or make the knot with a rubber band) of the top. The garment will drape and look different.
  • Layer a denim shirt or jacket over a blouse with a similar collar. The combination is fun.
  • Pull out your belts. One of the most popular looks this spring is to belt a full blouse for a feminine twist on a plain shirt.
  • Change up your accessories- wear a “forgotten” necklace or scarf.
  • Combine two unexpected prints (in different sizes or scales)- maybe a stripe shirt with a plaid scarf.
  • Bring out your wider legged jeans- they look stylish again- especially when worn with a striped top.

Happy (in your closet) shopping.

oversized-plaid-scarf-red-stripe-shirt-jcrew-nordstrom purple-cashmere-scarf-alt_2 cuffed-jeans-with-sneakersStyle pictureSweater draped over your shouldersknotted-chiffon-blouse-black-sidecheckered-hennah-knotted-blouse-in1727mtotopmlt-108-front

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