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I admit, my post Christmas closet is a bit of a mess and I want to start the year off by creating a clutter-free closet. Everything in there needs a little tweaking, but my shelves need a major overhaul. I have stacked bric a brac, unused handbags, unopened pantyhose (really, I haven’t worn pantyhose since the eighties), hats etc. All of this stuff is dusty and unattractive. Plus, studies have shown the more organized someone’s home is, the more optimistic and clear-minded they’ll feel.

I am going to try an alternative method for organizing my shelves- Feng Shui. Feng shui teaches that there is a direct correlation between an individual’s health and the quality of the energy in their space.

Closets shouldn’t be considered as an “out of sight, out of mind” space. “Especially in feng shui terms, where we know that everything is energy. It is important to understand that with Feng Shui energy, the “out of sight” strategy does not work. You cannot cover, conceal or pretend not to see low energy, because, in the world of feng shui energy, there are no boundaries.” according to Anjie Cho of The Spruce.

She continues, “Unfortunately, most homes have busy, cluttered and just plain ugly closets. If you just take a moment to think about it, once you open an ugly and messy closet and put your clothes on, you start carrying this ugly, messy energy with you. If you are working on improving the feng shui energy in your home do not neglect your closets. Put them high on your feng shui to-do list.”

Think of the state of your closets as a feng shui test of your self-esteem.

Declutter. This is the first step no matter which room you are looking to Feng Shui. Clutter is the #1 enemy of positive household energy, so if you want to create a supportive flow—emanating from your closet—the first step is to go through your closet, find the stuff you don’t use anymore, and toss it. My number one priority! Then clean the space.

Color and Light. If you have a walk- in closet, be sure the lighting is friendly and warm. If the walls are dingy, be sure to refresh your closet walls with a fresh coat of paint. The color white is ideal.

Organize. Once you’ve pared down to the essentials, the next step is to get everything organized. I want to organize my clothes by type first and then by color. I also want to wear everything that is in the closet. No more thinking, “maybe I’ll need this someday”. Everything needs to be functional and in its own place, its own home, so that clutter doesn’t persist. 

Get hangers. Even the hangers you use for your clothing can influence the energy in the room. Invest in some hangers that fit your clothing. You pick: huggable, wooden, satin. Avoid wire or plastic tube.

Look beyond the closet. Remember that everything in your house has energy, even the everyday objects you never think about. So it’s important that you make room in your closet for the things stashed under your bed or cluttering your nightstand. Remember that getting rid of clutter is the key to successful Feng Shui.

Beautify. This means treating yourself nicely, respectfully and creating a sense of beauty in your closets. A good quote, a picture you treasure or a beautiful piece of jewelry will give you healing energy. I added a rug and a picture of my mom and me. This really lifted my spirits because a lot of  the stuff on the shelves was “mom”. She is in my heart, I don’t need her out of style earrings to remember her.

Fill your space. Ultimately, your closet reflects your life. You neither want to fill it to overflowing and compromise order and organization nor do you want your closet to be empty. Allow your space to reflect your life—a life of fullness. And watch how that impacts the energy throughout your home.

Here is my  after.

I think what resonates the most for me with the Feng Shui method is that clutter and too much stuff robs you of energy and self respect. I’m ready to tackle more areas in my home.

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