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Closet Paralysis? Here are Some Tips

never-pay-retailWe all know the feeling…You’re standing in your closet (in your underwear) looking at your clothes and have no idea of what to wear or what can go with what (and you’re late). HELP! 

  • Remove- A big problem is that there is too much stuff in your closet “to see the forest through the trees”. Store out of season clothing, formal attire and seldom worn clothing in another area or closet.
  • Reorganize- Hang your clothes on velour slim-line hangers (available at Bed Bath & Beyond), store your accessories & shoes in hanging bags. Garments should be organized “like to like”- tops together, pants together, sweaters, etc. Face your hangers in one direction for easy access.
  • Re-evaluate- Have you changed jobs, climates or retired? Don’t hang on to the clothes that you wore in “another life”. Are your clothes current? You don’t have to be trendy but even “classics” become less desirable or go out of style.
  • Rehearse- Take some time and try on your clothes. Using the basic style principle of matching your top and bottom in one color and adding a jacket or sweater in another color, see if you can make some new combinations. Don’t forget your accessories to complete your outfit.
  • Record- take pictures of your new outfits. Make a list of what you need. Colorful tops, stylish jeans/pants and shoes are usually needed.
  • Repair- It’s hard to wear pants that are too long or love clothes that have rips, snags, pills or are dirty. Your wardrobe will have new life if all the clothes are in tip top shape. Polish shoes and make sure that you have socks and hosiery to match your pants.
  • Replace- Shop wisely for pieces that will extend your wardrobe. Shop for your basics and exercise caution when buying sale clothes. A bargain isn’t a bargain when you have nothing to go with it.

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