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Sometimes it’s really hard to get ready in the morning– nothing feels right- and it’s especially challenging when you have a lot of choices. Being a good editor helps this process, but what could really help is to create your own personal style uniform. Fundamentally, it is a formula for getting dressed every day. Says Australian blogger Amy Zanatta, “You can wear the exact same items each and every day or you can wear different items in the same category and just use your style uniform as more of an outfit blueprint. It is an outfit that fully encompasses your style and personality and makes you feel super confidant to wear.”

Celebrities love style uniforms: Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck and jeans; Reese Witherspoon in a blazer, jeans and pumps; Carolina Herrera in a white blouse. Celebrities use their clothing choices for recognition and reinforcing their brand. Would a style uniform work for you? If the first thing you think about is the torture of school or gym uniforms, maybe the answer is no. If on the other hand you think about the difficulties and stress of getting ready in your overstuffed closet, then maybe the answer is yes.

My hunch is that you already have favorite pieces of clothing that will become the backbone of your style or personal uniform. Having clothing that goes together in an economical way can save time, eliminate decision making and allow you to focus on more fun activities than starring into your closet.

Your personal style and uniform isn’t something set in stone. Your choice of clothing, accessories, hair style and makeup should always be fresh, relevant and modern. There is a difference between wearing circa 1965 Pendleton wool slacks and wearing modern pull-on pants.

Listen to yourself. There isn’t one style for everyone.

Edit the clothing from your closet that doesn’t fit and doesn’t get worn. You may not know what is wrong, but something is off because you are not wearing it.

Your style uniform is going to be impacted by your body shape. Curvy bodies don’t generally do well in straight cut blazers. A fitted, shorter length jacket does better. Always work with your assets.

Geography and weather will influence your clothing choices.

Your age is a factor. What once was your signature look may not work as well now- think halter tops.

Pay attention to the clothing you love.

Recognize what fabrics feel good on your skin and what styles are easy to wear.

Footwear is a big part of your look.

Accessories can change the most simple styles into something quite lovely. Take stock of your accessories and experiment wearing them differently. Eyeglasses factor in. You can update your style by changing your frames.

Evaluate, freshen and modernize your style uniform each season. Don’t get stuck in a style rut.

For me, I love jeans, colorful shirts with collars, cardigan sweaters and sneakers for day;  black jeans, knit tops, ankle boots and a blazer or short jacket for night. Easy peasy. Now I ask myself, what are all the other clothes doing in my closet?


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