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Fashion tips to cure the winter blahs

  1. Layer like a pro: my favorite layering piece is an A’nue Ligne sleeveless tank. It provides warmth, but adds no bulk.
  2. Let your boots rock: Pick tall or short- all look good this season.
  3. Embrace faux fur: a fur collar on a sweater or coat will look stylish and keep you warm.
  4. Dig out your scarves: ff your neck is warm the rest of you will be too.
  5. Think pastels for something different: I love the pinks and light blues for a fresh alternative to black.
  6. Experiment with different styles of jeans: colored jeans are fun and the wider width is a nice alternative to super skinny legs.
  7. Be mad for plaid: a plaid shirt or neck wrap looks modern and relives an all solid look.
  8. Put your best vest forward: quilted, long and sleek or short and boxy look good on just about everyone
  9. Chunky sweaters with cables look new again: cables add texture and change up a plain pullover sweater.
  10. Find a statement coat: bright colors, interesting designs and textures can help to cheer you up on gloomy winter days.
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