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Does this make me look old?

does this make me look oldSome tips and hints…


Your hair style and color always need to be evaluated and updated. Nothing will age you more than a hair color that doesn’t flatter you or a hair style that is out-dated. What looked good on you twenty years ago probably doesn’t now. Visible root lines, frizzy perms, dull or brassy color and unkempt hair will date you. Gray hair can look great as long as it is styled in a modern style. Not everyone over 50 has to have short hair. Shoulder length bobs are flattering when your hair is healthy and shiny. Bangs are a great way to emphasize your eyes, hide forehead wrinkles and look younger. Your hair stylist is an important person in your life- make sure that your stylist understands what you desire and is able to guide you toward different styles and color as needed.


Makeup that is too bright/colorful, too thick or too sparkly instantly ages you. Apply makeup sparingly; always use primers for a smoother look on your face, lips and eyelids; stick with a neutral palette for eye shadows; always wear lipstick (something in the coral family usually works); and make sure you fill in your eyebrows. Eyebrows thin as we age and the absence of a brow often leaves your face looking unfinished. Pick a taupe color that isn’t too “orangey”. Also, don’t forget your teeth. Take care of your mouth and whiten your teeth if necessary.


Oh boy, I could go on for hours. . .classic designs are best when combined with current styled tops, sweaters and accessories. Feminine details, animal prints, menswear influenced designs, stripes and some floral prints all transcend trends. “Mom” jeans, track suits, baggy sweaters, wide legged crops, “pilled’ knits, tops that are too tight or short, clothing that is not scaled to the proportion of your body (either too voluminous or too skimpy), and white tennis shoes with “street clothes” all contribute to a frumpy “senior” presentation.


Nothing ages you more than poor posture. We all know this, but because of a lifetime of bad habits, our default often is to slump. Weight training, Pilates and yoga can all help you to re-train your body. Exercise in general helps you look and move like a younger person. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman of any age standing straight, tummy in, ready to take on the world.

Tanned, leathery skin adds years. There are many treatments for sun damaged skin and most will help reduce age spots and wrinkles. The best advice I can give you is to always apply sunscreen, use skin care products that include Retinol, don’t smoke, drink lots of water, and eat foods that are rich in color and not processed.

Sleep and smile a lot, make peace with your body, be open to change, find designs that flatter your best features and as comedian Betty White says, “Dreading aging is really a waste of a lovely life.”

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