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Don’t Let Your Style Take A Holiday

Happy sunIt’s easy to lose your way in the summer- the heat, humidity & air conditioning take their toll on your summer looks. Here are a few tips to stay fresh:

Makeup should be light and hopefullywaterproof- always wear a sunscreen, a lip balm with an SPF, smudge-proof eyeliner and mascara. Avoid self tanners on your face, sticky lip gloss, or heavy eyeliner

Undergarments are best in a nude color because they don’t show through white or sheer fabrics, t-shirt bras look good under close fitting tops, look for undies that don’t leave a panty line, avoid white or colorful underwear when wearing white, don’t let bra straps show or back fat bulge

Clothing should fit comfortably- not tight, too loose or binding, skirts and dresses are a “cool” alternative, crops should have a narrow leg, sleeveless tops are good if your arms are toned & trim, white pants or jeans look fresh, bright pops of color combined with neutrals always looks stylish, skirts usually look the most flattering when the hem ends right above your knee

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