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What are the enviable qualities that make French women so stylish? They are able to look stylish, comfortable and effortless all at once. Although the French gals are in a satorical league of their own, it’s fun to analyze and explore what makes them look great.

  • The French have a joie de vivre they carry in all  parts of their everyday life. It’s apparent in the beautiful detail you find in the cafés, the art, and the architecture and in clothing. It’s the details that matter.

Paris camel

  • Confidence: I like to think that they rehearse their  outfits and know that all of the parts go together.


  • Adventurous: I saw many women who adopted new trends and colors in zippy ways. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of the over 60 lady wearing a metallic bomber jacket.

paris style

  • Accessories: Never too much, but a great scarf, necklace or pin to pull a look together.

Paris style jeans

  • Simplicity: Think three bears- not too much or too little. If in doubt about an accessory, take it off.

Paris Style grey hair


  • Lots of black, grey or camel combined with white or bright colors.



  • Good Haircuts: There must be an abundance of great stylists in Paris because it seemed that everyone had good hair.

Lynne Ritchie

  • Great Coats: Everyone walks and everyone wears a light coat or sweater. The best looks this fall were 3/4 length cardigans or simple trench coats.

Paris style coat

  • Fit: One thing that I noticed is that French women wear their clothes fitted and tucked in. There really aren’t many tops that are oversized or baggy.


  • No nude hose: Bare legs or black tights are the gold standard.

Black tights

  • Interesting shoes: I didn’t see anyone walking in heels that were too high. There were lots of nifty sneakers and stylish comfortable shoes. Flats were prevalent.


  •  Classic Handbags: The best looks I saw were cross body bags or top handle handbags.


  • Odds and Ends: I didn’t see logos on clothing, too much makeup or anything that looked overdone. I think the French women invest in a few key pieces each season and incorporate the new styles with their classic clothing. I did see some really fun colors that popped the basic black that everyone wears.





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