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Eww, what’s in there?

Makeup bags and drawers are filled with icky stuff; broken shadows, dirty brushes, dull pencils and items that haven’t been used in decades. Not only is this mess unsightly, but there can be some real danger. Although not clearly marked, makeup has an expiration date. Bacteria can form, infections can occur effectiveness can diminish. Bottom line: don’t put off editing and discarding old makeup. Unopened containers stored in dry conditions can last a a couple of years, but once opened, the clock starts ticking.

  • Weekly- clean your brushes and makeup sponges with baby shampoo
  • Every month use rubbing alcohol on your pencils, lip liners and sharpeners
  • Every six months discard mascara and liquid eyeliner
  • Every twelve months discard concealers, foundations, lip liner, cream blush
  • Every eighteen months discard blush, bronzers, eye shadows, eye liner, powder, lipsticks & lip-glosses
  • A great tip- use a Sharpie to date each product when you buy it- no second guessing

Products that can be disinfected will last longer- products that you dip your fingers into will have a much shorter life. If you are in doubt do the sniff test. Tell tale signs: odor, a change in consistency or a change in viscosity.

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