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Feel Free To Brows

Eyebrows are tricky. At times in our life we have way too many, and at other times way too few. There have always been eyebrow products available, but often the results are unnatural and scary. Tatooing works for some, but again I have seen some ghastly results. So, my best advice is to get some good products in the right color and practice.

  • Brush your brows up with a brow spoolie to see where you need to fill in or shape
  • If unsure about your arch, get your eyebrows shaped by a professional- you can then pluck the stray hairs as they grow in
  • Do not over-pluck- eyebrow hair doesn’t always grow back
  • Fill in the sparse areas with a brow pencil or definer. Use small feather-like strokes
  • IMPORTANT- find a color for your brows that doesn’t have a red (orangey) base or is too dark. Taupe pencils or powders are best. Nothing looks worse than brows in the wrong color
  • Then use an angled, stiff brush with a brow powder or gel to define your brow shape more. Do not over-fill or make the end points look harsh
  • Brush the brows up and even out the brow products
  • Finish with clear Browset (available at NPR) to set the powder and to keep the brows in place
  • Brows are the frame of your eyes
  • Give yourself some time to appraise your new look- changing your eyebrows can make you feel temporarily uncomfortable

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