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Building a wardrobe at any age is a project, but more so after age of 50. Bodies, coloring and wardrobe demands change over the decades and often our fashion choices don’t keep up.

I am not a believer in a lot of fashion rules (guidelines are better) and believe that you can have a great, functional and cute wardrobe if you start with updated classics. Classic looks are simple designs, smooth finishes and have an absence of non-functional details (extra pockets, zippers, flaps etc.).

Fashion trends will help update your classics and are best used in accessories and tops.

Here are the ten wardrobe basics that will fight frumpiness and help you look “hip and happening”.

  1. A great pair of black jeans or dark denim. High or mid-rise, skinny or straight legs work best.

2. Layering tees. My favorites are from Mel and Lisa in modal. They can be layered under a sweater or worn over a tank.

3. Tank tops in different colors. I usually wear an A’nue Ligne tank every day. They smooth my middle and help coordinate my outfit.

4. Collared shirts in white or other colors is my go-to. Collars are flattering, can work alone or under a jacket.

5. Vests are a great way to expand your wardrobe. They are slimming and not bulky. The dress can open to look like a vest/cardigan/jacket.

6. Long cardigans are terrific additions to all wardrobes and again, flatter all figures.

7. Moto leather (or synthetic) jacket. wearing one will make you feel like a hipster.

8. Classic dresses flatter and look finished without too much fuss.

9. Black pencil skirt: versatile, stylish and flattering no matter what your size.

10. Sassy shoes and accessories to finish and individualize your classic clothing.

Style Tips (for any age)

  • Find a good tailor and use them. Clothes look best when they fit well. Pant and sleeve lengths are most important.
  • Define your waist, no matter how big or small. A lot of baggy clothes will make you look messy.
  • Keep your skirt and dress lengths to the knee. Too short or too long can look awkward.
  • Don’t show too much skin: too-short skirts and tops that are too low don’t flatter.
  • Keep it simple- bling can go a long way.
  • Invest in good accessories, shoes and scarves. They don’t go out of style.
  • Use prints sparingly- a little goes a long way.
  • Lean toward solids-  they are your gold standard.
  • Buy bras that really fit, and consider “shapewear” when needed.

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