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I love my glasses! It has taken me a few decades to be able to say that because when I started to wear glasses (16), eyewear was considered un-stylish and unattractive. Times have changed and now frames can be found in all sorts of colors and shapes. I even look for different frames when I travel. In fact, I think that finding a great pair of flattering glasses is one of the best ways to update your look and energize your appearance. Outdated frames age you and distract from your presentation. A good rule of thumb is to update your frames every couple of years.


  • If you are able, invest in two pairs. One pair a neutral and the other a little bolder (a fun color or a higher contrast) to provide some variety.
  • Your neutral pair should go with your hair color or skin tone.
  • My favorite trick is to take a selfie of the pairs I considering. I can be more objective about myself in a picture than a mirror.

great color glassesLight glasses

  • Your fun pair can be your eye color or a color you love to wear, maybe purple or red.

great frames in tortoise


  • Rimless glasses need to be selected carefully. You can resemble “Mrs. Santa Claus”. These glasses age Annette Benning.

bad metal frame


  • Glasses should flatter- not overwhelm your face. When selecting a frame take into consideration your face shape, face length and coloring.


  • The frame should be wider or as wide as the widest part of your face. A dark frame adds to your contrast and will be more of a statement look.

Glasses for square faces

  • The top of the frame should follow or mimic the line of your eyebrows.

Glasses for round faces

  • The eye should be centered in the lens of the glass.

short face

  • Make sure that the bridge snuggly fits your nose. Avoid either a bridge that is too tight or one that is too loose. There should not be any wiggle room. Glasses that slip down your nose are aging.


  • If you have a long face or nose avoid a keyhole bridge on the frame. That type of a bridge will emphasize the length of your face. These glasses don’t flatter.

too high of a bridgetoo high of a bridge

  • The frame should enhance your face shape- not be too big or too small. The right frame can help to visually give proportion to your face. Depending on the shape of the frame, glasses can help to visually widen a narrow jaw or narrow a wide jawline.

Oval round face

  • I stay away from recommending photo gray lens tinting. It sounds like a good idea, but it never completely lightens inside.

photo gray

  • Anti-reflective coating is worth the extra expense. The process cuts down on glare and lets your eyes be more visible.

eyeglass coating


  • Avoid styles that bend down or dip on the outsides- they will drag your face down.

bad glasses

  • Look for styles that lift on the outer edges. This type of frame looks “happy” and gives your face a lift. The most popular frame style are variations on the rounded and cat-eye shapes

Cat-eye frame


  • You have more flexibility in selecting ¬†shapes and styles in sunglasses. Have some fun and be glamorous .

Big sunglasses

  • Glasses can make a positive statement about you and your attitude about life. Be adventurous!

long faceblong in glasses

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