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Those Parisian gals really know how to pull it together. There is an elegance and attention to¬†detail in their dress that is unique and enviable. How do they do it? I looked and looked and I talked to some experts and got some tips on “Parler Chiffon” (meaning “to talk rags”).
  • There is an understanding and awareness that appearance counts.
  • There is an attitude and tradition of taking care of oneself: grand-mere’s passing down beauty routines to daughters and granddaughters.
  • Less is more and the simpler the better. French women don’t overload with too many accessories or pieces. Part of the appeal of French style is that it looks effortless and understated.
  • A touch of humor in dressing that conveys personality and charm (check out our Paris doll pendants).
  • Good (and maintained) hand bag.
  • Red lipstick (but not too red).
  • Updated sunglasses- usually large and sometimes in unusual shapes or retro looks.
  • Lots of black, using different textures to make the outfit interesting.
  • Carefully selected accessories that complete an ensemble.
  • Always a scarf somewhere in the outfit- around the neck or tied on a hand bag
  • Stripes.
  • Great coats- sometimes a coat can be more important/visible than the ensemble. Remember, first impressions…
  • No baking in the sun (at least not on the face).
  • White blouses and shirts.
  • Matching the hosiery or tight color with the shoe color.
  • Using one color (or shades of the color) for the whole outfit. Think long, unbroken lines.
  • Great low heeled shoes or snakes with laces. Who can walk on cobblestones in high heels? (Usually the sneakers are in muted colors.)

The answer to my question of how the French woman on the train looked so great- is that her jeans were pressed, her hair simple and neat, she wore a fitted navy blazer over a crisp white blouse (tucked in) and wore elegant jewelry.

I know if we choose well, we too can look elegant and tres chic.

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