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It’s easy to fall into a style rut in normal times, but this year it has been exceptionally easy to “let ourselves go”.  Style ruts happen when you feel that you don’t have time, need or the desire to spend time on dressing and or self-grooming. It seems that overnight, you have lost your groove and have no idea how to get your “style” back. It’s time to get back on track. Move through these roadblocks.

I’m not going anywhere.

This has been true this year and it’s been fun to wear comfy clothes, but the allure of “au naturelle” is fading. It’s time to put back on the bra, wear pants with zippers and maybe even a belt. It’s a good time to support your stylist- they need your business and you will end up feeling great.

Accept that no one is perfect.

Everyone has figure flaws and everyone can dress in a way that minimizes the parts you want to cover. The expression, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” pertains. Often we overcorrect and obscure our best assets. It’s all about balance. Looking at yourself with compassion takes practice and discipline.

You are not too old to care about style.

Caring about yourself and presenting your best self knows no age limits. People respond differently to folks who take care of themselves.

Creating your individual style is a muscle that needs to be worked out.

You may think that you don’t have the style gene or that style doesn’t come easily to you. In truth, if you have neglected yourself this past year, you are going to have to go to “the style gym”.  You will have to build up your style muscle. Spend some time trying on clothing, find out what is comfortable and what makes you feel great. Don’t be afraid to try different looks. Some might be misses, but some will be hits.

Make the time to shop.

Taking care of yourself is a priority. Carve out the necessary time to get the job done.

Access what you have.

Check your closet first. Remove the clothes that don’t fit. Looking at them daily will only make you feel worse. Try on all of your pants and make sure they flatter. Discard your tops that are tired, pilled or worn. It’s better to have less that are “good” than many that are “sub-standard”.

Pair up your orphans.

If you have some favorite pieces without matching parts, focus on finishing those outfits. Bring them to NPR and we will help you.

Lean on your accessories.

A scarf or a necklace can make a pair of pants and blouse look snappy. Add a pair of cute shoes and you’re home free. Accessories can look great for decades so they truly are a good wardrobe investment.

Update your makeup.

Work on your brows, wear some cheek color and apply some lipstick. All will help you feel more put together.

When you look great, you will feel great and you will have more fun! Guaranteed.







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