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It is always fun to see what the new trends and colors are for the season. Occasionally, there will be a style that comes from “out of the blue”, but usually the new trends incorporate looks from the previous season or a previous decade. Spring 2019 is definitely a mash up of the nineties and a little of the seventies. The looks are definitely familiar, especially the neon suits (they remind me of my old Paul Stanleys). For this season, I am going to add some beige, a wicker purse, a little camouflage and some bright tees. What about you?


Fifty Shades of Beige:  If you don’t feel great in all beige or tan, add the color with accessories or wear it with the contrast of black.

On the Fringe:  Every line that has come in this season has had fringe or crochet detail (definitely a nod to the seventies). A little crochet can make a plain blouse or tee look fresh and interesting.

Cargo Hip:  Camouflage and utility jackets both get updates. It’s fun, but if you are going to wear camouflage or olive green, don’t wear pants and a jacket. That is too much of a good thing.

Paint it Black, Please:  Our favorite never fails to please. A black long skirt or wide flowy pants could be a winner this summer.

Color Trip:  Neons rule, but a little goes a long way.

Suits:  Formal suits (like the ones from the early nineties) were in every collection. My take is that the suits will be worn for formal occasions, but in casual Denver, we will only wear the jackets with jeans or the trousers with a sweater.

Pleats:  I really like this detail. Pleats in blouses, skirts  and even pants make classics look fresh.

Animal Print:  Has it ever gone away? It’s a great way to break up you beiges and tone down the brights. “There’s a tiger in the tank!”

Jumpsuits: Not so much


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