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Is it time to move on from sweatpants?

Not having a schedule, an office to go to, a concert to attend or a restaurant meal to enjoy has really rocked our sense of fashion. Without events to attend, many gals feel that they just don’t have a reason to wear anything but sweats. Wearing sloppy clothes day after day really brings your spirits down.“Wearing the same tired clothes each day can lead to a lack of motivation and a sense that each day bleeds into the next. Clothing shapes your mental state and productivity,” says Dr. Nina Vasan, a psychiatrist and professor at Stanford University School of Medicine.

It’s really pretty easy to update your look with just a few changes (and you will still be comfortable).

  1. Change your athletic shoes to hip sneakers.
  2. Tuck in you top either all the way or just a half-tuck.
  3. Add a belt.
  4. Wear a scarf.

5.  Wear a pair of cute boots with your jeans.

6.  Wear a collared shirt under a sweater or pullover.

7.  Add a vest.

8.  Roll or push up your sleeves.

9.  Make sure your jeans fit and flatter.

10. Layer a tank under your t-shirt to change up the neckline.

11. Add a piece of jewelry to make your outfit look special

12. Think about dressing up even if you are only going to the store. It will make you feel better to get out of your pandemic wardrobe.


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