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One of this season’s (and many before it) biggest trends is animal print and specifically the leopard print. The print definitely conjures mixed emotions. Who looks best in the print? Is it for everyone? How to best wear it? Morgan Sezalory of Sezane of Paris quotes, “Wearing leopard suggests a choice; it makes even the laziest outfit seem deliberate.” Although for some, wearing leopard is a little vulgar and maybe a titch naughty. Hmmm
Ms. Sezalory continues, “The power that we associate with leopard comes directly from that of the animal itself. Leopards are fast, powerful hunters, able to carry prey three times their weight. Originally, those who wore leopard, like the Egyptian pharaohs thousands of years B.C., donned the actual fur pelts. Leopard print as a fashion item dates to the 18th century, when it appeared as a pattern on French silks.
I love it and enjoy adding leopard touches to my wardrobe. When selecting animal prints, be mindful of how dramatic you are, how tall and how much attention you want. Think of leopard as a neutral and go for it! I found these photos on The Elle fashion blog and thought you would enjoy.
  • Entry level leopard- a leopard printed scarf is a minimal commitment.

leopard 1

  • Intermediate: a printed skirt or tee will carry a casual look.

leopard 2

  • Advanced: the leopard coat works as a neutral and can be combined with any color.

leopard 3

  • Expert: this is for the adventurous and is a ‘lotta lot’.

leopard 4

I vote that leopard print is CLASSIC, but remember a little goes a long way…

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