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It’s All About The Base

Selecting the right color of foundation can be daunting. We all have seen the results of a too orangey or too pale of a color. Here are some tips for a flawless color match.
 August BASe color
  • Match the color to the center of your face. Foundation shouldn’t be applied on the lower jawline or close to the hairline. The product should never extend down to your neck.
  • Most everyone looks better with a warm yellow-based foundation to counteract redness and add radiance. The only exceptions are those gals with a porcelain complexion who need to find a pink-based foundation.
  • It is much easier to find a perfect match with lightweight and blendable formulas. The foundation should even out your complexion and give you a finished look. It shouldn’t be heavy, cover your freckles or look mask-like.
  • Don’t color match to your hand. Take a Q-tip and dot a little on your cheek. The color should disappear into your skin.
  • Match the color in natural light. Beauty counter mirrors and fluorescent lights can distort colors.
  • My favorite formula is our Liquid Mineral Powder Foundation for $32. It blends well, has an SPF of 15 and gives a soft glow to your complexion.

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