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There I was again- snapping pictures of ladies at The Dallas Apparel Mart this June. I was curious. Was I going to see women who were overdone with too much hair and makeup (like the popular stereotype)? Or was I going to see gals that were zapped by the heat and had given up? I saw a few of the “unfashionables”, but for the most part, the women had put energy into their look, clothing and accessories and looked very appropriate. Dallas women do have a knack for dressing. I was surprised by how much solid black and black and white I saw- and very little color for summer. Click on the picture to see the whole outfit.

Dallas Animal print pants

  • This gal looks great- clean and cool.

Dallas three girls

  • I love the hat- Wearing a hat always brings focus and finish to an outfit- she looks a little more finished than the other two women.

Dallas- LV

  • Lots of brand names were visible (after all it was the clothing market)- the bag works for her as functional tote: the strap is at the right length and it’s not over-stuffed.Dallas- long Dress
  • No brand name bag here and it looks just as good as the LV in the other picture.. I like that it matches her maxi dress.

Dallas- hat

  • Chic- she is ready for everything…heat, rain or air conditioning

Dallas- ethnic blouse

  • Nice- cross body bag and her accessories look good. It seems like everyone was wearing black and white.

Dallas shoppers black and white

  • Darling- more black and white…

Dallas Polka dot blouse

  • She looks good with prints and patterns… the black and white trend continues.

Dallas Old fashioned hair

  • The handbag is great, but her hair and makeup are dated…

Dallas Ruffled Jacket

  • Maybe a little age inappropriate and the gal in the cut-offs looks too casual and bare.

White jeans

  • My favorite- love the stripes, belt, white jeans and the sneakers. She looks finished and hip.

Dallas fashion bloggers

  • Fashion bloggers: ombre hair, cool shoes and (oops) underwear showing on the gal in the black and white dress.

Dallas Grey hair

  • I love how her grey jeans match her hair and again a nice and functional handbag.

Dallas buyers

  • A lot of energy and effort went into their looks

What do you think? I think the Dallas gals aren’t quite “Parisian”, but definitely more put together than the Manhattanites.



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