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It’s challenging to find summer clothing that covers, flatters and isn’t too warm. Some trends are appealing, but many fashion forward designs can be too extreme and appear like, “you are trying too hard.” We all know that our bodies change, our coloring evolves and the styles that once flattered can now look awkward or inappropriate. Too tight, too loose or too short are recipes for fashion faux pas. It’s time to readjust our vision and find the designs that are flattering- the styles that make you excited to get dressed in the morning.

  • Wear clothes that skim your silhouette and don’t hide your body, but make you look longer and leaner. This can be  done by color blocking (your top and bottom are the same color or your bottom and jacket/sweater are the same color. Make sure your clothes fit- go up a size if necessary- no visible bulges.

  • Use your personal neutrals (hair, skin and eye color) to build the base of your wardrobe. Your coloring changes and you will now be able to wear colors that were once undesirable.  Use a pop of color to brighten your basics.

  • If your arms are toned, don’t hesitate to wear sleeveless. If your arms are your achilles heel, wear cap or elbow length sleeves. Remember, you want to be comfortable.

  • Ankle pants or long shorts are good. Cropped pants need to end at the “sweet” spot of your leg

  • Vests are a wonderful way to finish a summer outfit- they slim and are not as heavy as a jacket.

  • Use your blouse as a jacket and wear a tank top under the blouse. A’nue Ligne makes the best because you can wear with the scoop or reverse to a high neck.


  • Summer scarves can add a pop of color and finish a simple tee shirt and shorts outfit. Wear them loose and away from the neck so that they are not too warm.

Chris & Carol

  • Update your tees and tops and get rid of the ones that are tired or don’t fit properly. Add bright colored ones with interesting necks. Also, tunics are a terrific summer addition.

Nomadic Traders

  • Loose pants in prints can be fun and flattering if you are not too petite. Watch your proportion.

  • Skirts and dresses can be a godsend- cool and usually very flattering.

  • Stripes look good on everybody- it’s a myth that they make you look heavy. Just watch the contrast and where the stripe intersects. Don’t be afraid of colored or patterned pants

  • Update your summer shoes.

  • Jeans are an essential to everyones wardrobe and you want a pair(s) that fit and flatter. Try on a bunch and and find the pair that slims. NYDJ are great go-tos.

  • For the most part avoid styles that are baggy and shapeless. They can make you look large and messy.

  • Go easy on the bling. Too much sparkly detracts from the wearer and can look too trendy.

  • Avoid the ridiculous.

So my advise is this: find a few styles that you feel good in and are comfortable in warm weather. Use these as your template for hot weather dressing. My go-to is flat front pull-on pants, a tank top and then an over-shirt, tunic or cardigan.

What’s yours?














flattering colors close to your face


good sandals and shoes


no more baggy- flowing and breezy


good sunglasses

not too much bling

darker jeans

knee length skir

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