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Makeup colors and applications should be updated every two years. It’s easy to fall into a makeup rut and use the same products for decades. Change is challenging. It takes time and a little bravery to acclimate to a new look. Go forward, though- the change will be energizing and you will feel better.

Six Makeup Mistakes 

Lips:  Avoid lining your lips with dark liner and then filling in with light lipstick or gloss (definitely an eighties style). Better to line your lips in a color close to your lips and then apply a matching shade of lipstick.


Mascara:  Mascara will date you if it is clumpy and your lashes are stuck together. It’s better to apply two coats of “non-thickening” mascara.


Foundation:  A color that is too dark or applied too thickly will look unnatural and coarse. Your better bet is to find an exact match to your skin and apply lightly with a foundation brush.


Eye Shadow:  Bright blue, green or purple shadow should be saved for the young. The bright colors on older eyelids take on a life of they own.


Blush:  Bright blush ages the wearer. A color just a little brighter than your “ear color” will usually work very well. Also, remember to blend in the color- avoid “doll cheeks”.


Eyebrows:  Invisible brows or brows that have been heavily penciled on can ruin your presentation. Find a color close to your brows (I like a taupe) and apply the pencil in feathery strokes. Think natural. Go easy on contouring. It can be difficult to blend.


It is always fun to explore different makeup colors and techniques. My gold standard,though, is that makeup should enhance the wearer and not be identifiable. Remember to start out with a little of the product and blend, blend and blend.




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