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Did you know that women have been shaving their faces for ages and some of Hollywood’s most famous stars wielded a razor on their skin? I didn’t. Only through my research on how to get rid of my pesky peach fuzz did I stumble upon this whole topic. I’ll give you the skinny: dermaplaning or shaving really works to eliminate  “nanny-goat” chin hairs and your peach fuzz, plus the process exfoliates your skin (a good thing).
  • You don’t have to be the “bearded lady” to shave.
  • Three out of four American women have had facial hair removed or have done it themselves in the last year.
  • For most, waxing is the preferred method for hair removal, but waxing or threading is not recommended if you use skin products that contain retinols (a form of retin A is in almost all of the anti-aging formulas on the market). Suzanne Schmalling, the director of Associated Skin Care Professionals, says “Retinols can really thin the skin and cause sensitivity–waxing will end up pulling up too much skin.”
  • Peach fuzz resists laser hair removal because it is light.
  • Hair that is shaved does not grow back thicker, coarser or darker.
  • Dermaplaning is a process in which the face is shaved with a scalpel-like instrument by facialists and dermatologists and costs up to $185 (ouch). Shaving with your Tinkle is a less intense form of dermaplaning.
  • Makeup is much easier to apply on a smooth face.

Okay… here it goes, “Six steps to a smooth complexion”…

  • Start with a gentle pH-balanced cleanser. It is better to “shave” before bed.
  • Use a single blade disposable razor called a Tinkle. The Tinkle resembles a floss pick.
  • After thoroughly drying the face, shave with your Tinkle razor in the direction that hair grows, usually downward. I found that I had to shave in an upward motion too (this isn’t recommended because of the potential for ingrown hairs, but I had no problem).
  • Follow with a toner.
  • Use a serum to help rebuild the skin’s barrier that has been scraped away.
  • Finish with a moisturizer.

It’s good to consult with a dermatologist before embarking on this adventure. I found that I could only buy the Tinkle razors online, so I ordered some for you to buy at NPR.

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