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Part of the fun when planning a trip is figuring out your wardrobe. Too little and you feel crummy, too much and you can feel overwhelmed. You also have to plan for crazy weather: hot, cold, wet or (fingers crossed ) mild and beautiful.

What was good

  • I always base my wardrobe around black: black jeans and a pull-on loose (modal) pair for evening: A+
  • Gray jeans and a pair green/gray travel pants form Athleta: A+
  • Various colors of tanks: B- I didn’t bring enough colors- only black and white which were redundant: B
  • Two long sleeved cotton shirts in gray and pink and both worked well: A
  • White long blouse- OK- needed it to be shorter in length for the rest of my tops: B
  • Sleeveless printed long silk shirt APNY- perfect for layering and a color boost: A+
  • Green tee from Athleta that matched the green pants: A
  • My Columbia black vest: truly couldn’t live without it: A+
  • Black Modal Mell & Lisa top- perfect for layering: A+
  • Black hoodie sweater- great for the plane and for an extra layer of warmth
  • Pink rain jacket from REI- loved it, but provided no warmth. Happy with the pretty color: A
  • Black “tennis”shoes and a pair of Paul Green’s that I purchased in Berlin A+
  • My black and white Damask jacket from NPR was awesome- added a little zip: A+
  • My Black and white stripped tee with short sleeves and turtleneck- very versatile: A+

What could have been better

  • I didn’t need my gray comfortable pumps- the other shoes would have worked: C
  • I didn’t love the printed flowered sweater or a print top (that my husband said looked like pajamas- a real deal breaker): D
  • My gray sweater didn’t provide enough pizazz or warmth: B
  • I loved the scarves I had, but wanted a few more to change up the looks: B
  • I did purchase a couple and enjoyed them immensely: A
  • I could have used a warmer, solid sweater to compliment the gray, black and peach: NA


  • We went out to sight see and didn’t dress warmly enough (those darn cold fronts) and had to purchase these puffers. They were warm, comfortable and could be folded up into a small bag- pretty neat and on sale to boot: A+
  • I purchased a light weight day-pack that was awesome- light and could hold sandwiches, doo-dads and maps- better than my heavy back-pack: A+





For me it is a balance: looking good and being comfortable. And, is always a learning experience. Happy trails.

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