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The one piece of makeup that I can’t live without is lipstick. The right shade makes a statement and brightens your whole presence. Without it, you can look tired and drab. Yikes! It can be challenging to find the right color and double challenging to keep the color fresh. There are many “all day” formulas, but I have found them to be super drying with a limited selection of colors. So, I have found some tried and true methods to help make your perfect pout perfect all day long

  • Start with a damp washcloth and rub over your mouth to remove any chapped skin flakes.
  • Apply a  little Aquaphor or Vitamin E to your whole lip with a brush. This step will give you a smooth surface and will help your lipstick to stay in place.


  • Line your lips with a waterproof indelible gel liner- this stuff works. Cover the entire lip with the pencil and smudge (within the lip) with your fingertip. I usually select a color that closely matches my lips. If your lips are thin, cheat a little with the liner on the outer edges of your lips… be careful.

gel lip liner

  • A mid-tone coral lipstick can usually be worn by most gals. Darker brown tones can be aging. (I don’t think anyone looks good in brown lipstick.)


  • Use a matte lipstick. The more shine a lipstick has, the more quickly the lipstick will wear off.
  • Apply lipstick directly from the tube.

Lipstick brush


  • Spread the lipstick with a lip brush. This will even the color and strengthen the outline.
  • Add another coat of lipstick.
  • A red lip counts as an accessory. I saw more women of all ages wearing clear red lipstick in Paris this fall than on any previous visit, and I loved it. Satin or matte finish usually, never glossy.

scarf with fringe


  • A great trick to get a red lip without a RED lip is to apply your regular color of lipstick and then add a red to the middle of your lip. You get the color- but not so much of it.
  • For super long wear, add a coat of Lip Chic.

lip chic

  • For a long wearing look, avoid lip glosses- they slide off quickly.



  • All of these products are available at NPR- we would be delighted to help you find your perfect lipstick!

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