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earring-58714_640Clothing that has stood the test of time from the NPR staff!

Ann:  “My belts (especially my big tri-color metal one) – I have had many of my belts for years and continue to wear and enjoy them.  I also have a funky pair of taupe Think shoes that I have worn for years and still thoroughly enjoy.  They were pricey, but a real ‘cost per wearing’ value.”

Anne:  “My jewelry- I have enjoyed traveling my whole life and love finding treasures in the most remote areas.  Each time I wear one of these ethnic pieces, I am reminded of the place, the time and the people.”

Eileen:  “My long leather coat- This coat was a birthday present to myself quite a few years ago and every time I wear it I am reminded why I was so excited when I first got it.  It fits well, is comfortable and makes me feel chic.”

Leslie:  “My navy blue Yansi Fugel pantsuit-  What I love about it is that I can wear it to a wedding with a dressy top, a luncheon with a blouse or to work with a sweater.  The navy blue color is a nice change from black and the fabric never wrinkles.”

Peggy:  “My fashion pin collection- I started collecting pins when I was in my 20’s and I cherish them all.  When I want to make an outfit look different, I select a special pin.  It’s fun to wear them on jackets/coats, on a hat, or with a scarf.  An added bonus is that my collection doesn’t take up much space.”

Jamie:  “My scarves-  A few years ago my husband and I took a trip that involved lots of different locations, modes of transportation and climates.  We agreed that only carry-on luggage would work, so for a month I wore the same clothes with several scarves.  The scarves helped me feel put together, fresh and stylish.  An added bonus is that they never go out of style.”

The items we continue to enjoy (regardless of age) all have similar qualities; the pieces are versatile, classic, sentimental, (but functional) and make us feel attractive and well-dressed.  Wouldn’t it be great if we knew ahead of time which of our purchases was destined to be a treasure?

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