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It was a chilly mid-November in Paris and just as expected, Parisian’s do their outerwear with panache and style. There was lots of black and gray, but also quite a few colors. Puffers were abundant, but wool and fur fabrics showed up as well and ALWAYS there was a scarf at the neck. Stocking caps with pom-poms, berets, caps and fedoras kept their heads warm. It is always such a treat for me to be able to check out Paris street style. (Click on the picture to expand it.) One thing that I noticed when I went through the pictures is that the coats fit- no baggy or sloppy. Something to think about!


Hip Length



Pops of Color

I love that her hair matches her shoes LOL

This was one of my favorite looks. I couldn’t get the whole picture, (without being really nosy) but her blue scarf matched her jeans and her black top is coordinated by her shoes and handbag.


Fashion Statements


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