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So many things went by the wayside during the last eighteen months, I’m wondering if I lost my ability to pack during the pandemic?
I am getting ready to travel this month and am finding that my packing skills are a little rusty. I’m spending waaay too much time staring at my closet wondering what will work. Definitely time to reboot, go back to basics and remember what worked and what didn’t. To do that, I know I will be trying on lots of clothes- editing as I go. Creating a stylish, compact, versatile and comfortable travel uniform is my goal.

Start with your pants and layering pieces.

I always start out with black jeans and A’nue Ligne tanks and turtlenecks. The black jeans can be dressy or casual and the tanks can be used as a base layer.


Comfortable Shoes

Waterproof boots, tennis shoes and ballet flats will work with any wardrobe or location.

Layering sweater

This is a thin v-neck that can be sporty or dressy. Perfect to layer over or under.


Vests are perfect for travel- not too heavy or bulky. This vest would be fit under an all weather coat.


Nothing is better to expand your travel wardrobe. A well tied scarf can add finish to just about anything.

Blue Jeans

My blue jeans are my casual go-to. The gold boots are comfy and can be worn with the black jeans. A pop of color can brighten a monochromatic travel wardrobe.

Blazer or sweater jacket

This jacket is a cotton knit and can look dressy or casual.


The long cardigan dresses up the jeans + tank top and accessories= a dressier look.


Scarves, ponchos, necklaces, cross body handbags all help to make a few items expand into many different looks.

I’ve also included a packing article from a few years ago- just so e can brush off the rust!

Travel Smart Tips

  • Check the destination weather first and pack accordingly.
  • Plan your wardrobe around your shoes. I like hybrid shoes that are multipurpose; sandals/dress shoes, walking/hiking. Don’t take more than three pairs. Leave your white tennis shoes at home. A pair of flip flops can double as shower shoes and sandals.
  • Two pairs of pants, four tops (two solid and two print), two tank-tops, skirt, walking shorts, sweater/jacket, vest and dark jeans. I like fast dry apparel- easy to wash and dries quickly.
  • Socks (I always have a pair to wear on the plane), underwear and sleeping attire that can be rinsed out.
  • Select only two colors- black is always my base and I either add olive or tan to break up the monotony.
  • Think threes- my rule of thumb is always dress in three layers and plan on wearing any item at least three times.
  • Scarves- they don’t take up any room and can be used to jazz up your basic black, protect you from the sun/cold or used as a makeshift picnic blanket.
  • Some people like to roll, but I like to fold my stuff using the Flip-Fold (at Container Store). The neat cubes make me happy.
  • Multi-sized zip-lock bags, packs of mini tissues, makeup remover pads and bungee cords are always helpful.
  • Indulge your inner fashion nerd and lay out everything in outfits: match the outfits to the days you are traveling. Walk away for a couple of hours. Then, reassess and remove a few pieces. You won’t miss them.
  • A foldable, thin rain coat with a hood is an essential.
  • Wear your heaviest clothing, shoes & jacket on the plane.
  • Keep in mind that no matter how much help you have, there will be times when you have to carry your own suitcase- make sure you can.
  • Leave room for souvenirs and treasures- remember the clothes never go back into the suitcase as well as when you first packed.


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