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Pantone Colors for Fall- What’s right for you?


The fall colors are here and it is fun to imagine which color will flatter you and which color will be “not so much”.  A quick (unofficial) guide follows:

Grenadine is a bright red and can definitely worn by most gals with warm skin tones. If you have a pink based complexion, this color might make you look florid.

Tawny Port is a deep burgundy and looks good on those with pink complexions, dark and gray hair, and some blonds. If you are very pale or sallow complected it can “wash you out”.

Ballet Slipper is a pale pink that favors pink skin tones, gray hair and blondes. Can work as a contrast to black hair too. Avoid if you have warm skin tones.

Butterum is a cognac color and is superb on redheads and ladies with camel complexions. This color is best when combined with a bright color or black.

Navy is good on most and is a nice alternative to black. Sometimes it is a little drab on brown-eyed ladies and dark skinned folks.

Neutral Gray can be good on most if combined with a hair color: gray + camel or gray +chocolate. It can wash most people out if there is not a contrasting color

Shaded Spruce is a color for everyone. Have at it!

Golden Lime is a color that is sometimes called very unflattering names. It does not work on anyone with sallow skin, but looks great on gals with olive eyes and pinker skin. Red heads and blondes can look good in this “unusual” color.

Marina is another color that looks good on most. It’s especially flattering to blue eyes, but not terrible on anyone.

Autumn Maple is another hair tone color that works best on brunettes, red hair or on darker skin tones. It can clash with ash blondes or olive skin.

What color do you think you will be wearing this fall? It’s fun to see the fall Conrad C and the Nic+Zoe lines because all of the Pantone 2017 colors are represented. Come check it out!


trend-report-20162017-fall-winter-29-638      pantone 17 18     Pantone fabric

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