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  • Amparo Blue- This is a good color for most people.

  • White- Good on folks with darker skin tone, dark hair, blondes with warm skin, white hair. Not good with pale or ruddy skin.


  • Orange.com- Good on all with warm skin undertones. Clashes with ¬†pink skin tones.

  • Vibrant Yellow- A little will go a long way, but most people can wear the color if it is combined with a hair color.

  • Lime Green- Pretty much the same as the yellow. Good on redheads.

  • Humus- This can be a challenging color. Great on gals whose hair is turning gray or those with cool skin tones.

  • Coffee Bean is a great neutral and can be worn as an alternative for black.

  • Chili Pepper- Wonderful red for everyone who has warm skin tones. A very easy red to wear.

  • Burnt Orange- Wonderful on redheads, black and brown hair too. Best with warm or tan skin tones.

  • Irongate- A good neutral- great with gray hair.

It’s a little like the seventies all over again!



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