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Postcard from Paris

I confess, I really love everything about Paris, but what I most admire are the fabulous window displays that communicate the latest trends and styles. From my perspective, this is what the Parisians are wearing this spring.
  • Jackets: Blousey silk jackets and short, tweed Chanel like jackets worn with a long t-shirt and skinny jeans.
  • Fabrics: Silk, linen, cotton used in flowing designs without much structure. Floral prints were on everything and faux fur accented hand bags, ponchos and jackets.
  • Shoes: I love European shoes because they are beautiful, yet practical- everyone in Europe walks. Nude and tan colored, snakeskin, suede in all colors (for summer even), platforms with rubber soles and the most fun- the wedge sneaker.
  • Pants were all predominately the skinny leg- lots of white, cream and dark denim.
  • The colors were a tale of opposites: lots of bright orange, yellow, jade green contrasted, not with black, but with beige, tan and cream.
  • Chunky bracelets in multiples were on everyone’s wrists and scarves & more scarves wrapped necks, waists and heads.
  • It seemed that every window had a display of quilted jackets. Heavier (more puffy) ones worked as outerwear while thinner ones were shown as a sweater substitute.
  • Asymmetrical lines, irregular hems and designs were prevalent on all types of clothing.

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